Graduates Part 2

How to recruit graduates.

The second in a series of three articles on recruiting graduates.

If there is one consistent stream entering the workforce that employers MUST target – it is graduates.

In my previous article, I championed how businesses have to lure in this section of the talent pool and that it can’t be left to chance but a comprehensive process is necessary given that today’s graduates can pick’ their future employers given that the number of jobs available is outweighing the number of prospects.

There are strong statistics that show businesses should be targeting their local universities – even before they have finished – given that more than half of graduates stay local to where they studied.

But recruiting graduates is now an artform because unlike previous generations, these are social media savvy, the so-called Millennial generation, and have a different outlook, desires and wants from a job compared to those of 10 or 20 years ago.

Therefore, today’s recruitment managers and directors need to take a long hard look at not just their recruiting processes but also the company culture.

How to appeal to graduates:

Today’s graduates don’t want to be a number, it is all about the personal touch. They will assess your company and its values even before applying so what does your website, LinkedIn page and Glassdoor say about you?

Does the role offer the chance to be creative, be inspirational, to challenge and to lead – or do you just want someone ‘to do a job’. If it’s the latter you’ve lost them. Millennials feel very empowered and that they have purpose and so the role must fit that.

It’s about teamwork and collaboration, it’s about regular feedback and a management style that fits in with them – not the other way round.

Work has to be fun, it has to be sociable, it must meet a work/life balance, have a proactive charitable programme and there must be perks.

You might not offer all of those – but you will certainly have to have the bulk of them if you want to get the best talent.

What about your processes?

This is the ‘now’ generation. Speed is off the essence so if you’re recruiting – don’t leave them waiting days for any kind of acknowledgment and even consider calling the best inside 24 hours. At Clarico, we have an online process that is swift, funnels applicants as they complete each stage and is responsive.

Be digitally smart. Does your website deliver and is the application process swift? Is it optimised for mobile as almost a third of all web traffic is now from mobile devices. Are your social media feeds up to date and engaging?

Want to find graduates? Then you can use professional recruitment firms, who can do all of the leg work – sorting the wheat from the chaff and deliver a definitive shortlist. Want to go it alone – it’s back to digital and using social media and key words and hashtags to bring them to your website.

And be prepared – it won’t run like clockwork no matter what. The best candidates will keep you waiting – and can even go off radar even after accepting the job. Worryingly, this is on the increase – so have a plan B and even be prepared to re-examine those you rejected.

If you want advice on recruiting graduates or what a leading expert to take the strain and deliver from the talent pool, then contact Clarico.