LinkedIn Mistakes

Top 5 Reasons LinkedIn Isn’t Working For You

LinkedIn is a fantastic online resource for job seekers, especially as it provides a platform for networking and building connections within specific industries and sectors. In fact, LinkedIn remains beneficial even once you have secured your perfect job role. However, getting LinkedIn to work for you isn’t always straightforward.

A number of people within the food industry set up a LinkedIn profile and give it a shot, only to find that they’re not reaping the rewards. Then, they give up and write LinkedIn off as a failed attempt. If this is you, there’s a high chance you’re making some common mistakes.

Are You Making These LinkedIn Mistakes?

  1. You Haven’t Completed Your Profile – Simply setting up a basic LinkedIn profile and hoping for the best isn’t going to work, it takes time and dedication. In order to really get the most out of LinkedIn, take the time to build a profile that shows off your skills and experience.  
  2. You’re Not Making Connections – One of LinkedIn’s best features is that it allows users to build business connections, so why aren’t you? Rather than simply connecting with friends and colleagues, seek out other professionals who you don’t already know.
  3. You’re Not Following Up With Relationships – Sure, building business relationships on LinkedIn is a great way to boost your connections, but don’t forget to follow them up. Like all relationships, business relationships need to be maintained.
  4. You Haven’t Joined Any Groups – There are a tonne of fantastic groups to join on LinkedIn, so try to get involved with as many as you can. Groups are a great way to meet new people and to become known within the community.
  5. You’re Not Using the ‘Advanced Search’ for Jobs – If you’re using LinkedIn as part of your food industry job search, make sure you use the advanced features. This will help you to find jobs that suit your individual requirements.

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